Eusing Maze Lock

Eusing Maze Lock 4.2

Locks the desktop PCs using a mobile-like dot pattern

Prevents unauthorized access to PC through a dot pattern without using a password. It supports additional customization features for the locked screen interface, auto locking, transparency and multiple monitors.

There are various ways of protecting your PC from prying eyes while you’re away, though typically they’re mostly password-based. If you wish to make things even more difficult to unexpected visitors, Eusing Maze Lock offers you a simple way of adding a pattern lock to your PC, just like the ones we use for our mobile phones. There are three levels of difficulty, and it is so simple to set up that anyone can benefit from this free extra layer of security.

Eusing Maze Lock offers three lock patterns – one with 9 points, another one with 16 points, and a third and more complex one with up to 25 points. You can reset and try new patterns as many times as you wish, until you get the one that you believe will refrain uninvited visitors from accessing your valuable info. To avoid forgetting the selected pattern, you can back up your design by saving it as an image file – just remember to keep that file outside your PC!

The program comes with a number of settings that will let you customize the way you want to lock your computer. Thus, you can auto-lock your PC at startup or after a specific amount of time, turn off the monitor also after a specific number of minutes have elapsed, hide the lock window, turn off the Internet connection while the PC is locked, set the amount of tries allowed before the alarm goes off, the alarm type, etc. You can even type in the text that the lock window will display once the computer has been locked and add a favorite image as background for the lock window.

Eusing Maze Lock is a small free tool that anyone can use to lock their computer with a stylish pattern. Make it as difficult and complex as you wish, and thus add that extra layer of security to your system that will prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your private information.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use
  • Three levels of difficulty with 9-, 16-, and 25-point patterns
  • Customizable background image and text


  • No drawbacks found
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