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Eusing Maze Lock 3.0

Eusing Maze Lock lets you easily lock the screen of your computer
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Eusing Maze Lock is a simple tool that offers a special way of locking your computer: using a screen pattern which is better known for being more often used with phones and portable devices. Connecting dots together on the pre-defined grid (of 9 or more dots) is the way of creating and providing the unlocking pattern. It’s a both stylish and effective method of protecting the screen of your computer when you’re away and therefore, of protecting your private data from prying eyes.

I also like about Eusing Maze Lock the fact that it makes use of an unobtrusive tray icon that enables you to lock the computer instantly. You can also quickly lock the machine using a custom hotkey. As you can see, using Eusing Maze Lock is fast and easy, as its interface is also pretty simple and intuitive. Though easy-to-use, simple and neat, it also packs plenty of handy additional options. For example, you can specify the background image of the lock screen, change the pattern to 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 connectable dots, enable the automatic locking of the computer when a certain time of computer inactivity is detected, and more.

In conclusion, I like this neat little security program and I think it represents a really effective but also original and stylish method of locking your computer screen and protecting your private data. The fact that it is also completely free makes me like it even more.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free.
  • Supports multiple monitors.
  • Auto-lock when computer is idle


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