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Eusing Maze Lock 2.0

It locks your computer to prevent other people from using it
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Eusing Maze Lock is a program that locks your computer to prevent other people from using it.
This is an efficient application and it’s very easy to use. At first, you must set an unlock pattern by merging 9 dots with a single line. In order to unlock your computer, you must do exactly the same moves as you did previously. You can choose mazes formed with 9, 16 or 25 dots. If you worry about forgetting the pattern, the program has a backup option that allows you to save the model. You can set the tool to auto lock at Windows start up or after a specific period of time. Another way to use it is by left clicking the tray icon, which immediately locks the computer. It gives you the possibility to choose the alert mode, if someone tries to use your computer after you have locked it. The application can trigger the alarm for one, two or three minutes, can lock the computer or shut it down. During the time your computer is locked, the program displays a preset image, but you can always change it by selecting a picture from your computer. Another interesting function gives you the possibility to add an alert text to those unwanted guests. This program has the ability to turn off the monitor after a period of time and even to lock the keyboard. To make the unlocking method a bit more complicated, you can select the 'Dynamic Password Mode', which places a letter on every dot. In order to solve the maze, you must type the letters that correspond to the unlocking pattern.

In my opinion, this program is helpful for situations when you want to keep people away from your computer. It has been created in order to be as simple as possible, so everyone could use it. However, I think that some alternative alarm tones could improve the application.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Uses a pattern to lock the computer;
  • Easy to use;
  • Backup option


  • No alternative alarm tones;
  • The design could have been improved
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